Fuel the body. go the distance.

Fuel the body.
go the distance.

In running the length of Aotearoa, I needed a snack bar that packed one heck of a tasty, energy dense punch! The Crafty Weka Bar ruled the roost! Often averaging a marathon a day, I craved foods that were naturally yummy and made me feel great on the inside, no matter how muddy and exhausted I looked on the outside.

The Crafty Weka’s perfect combination of nutrients put a definite pep in my step and even after fuelling me for the full 3000km, I still get excited about reaching for a bar, they just taste so darn good!

Not only does The Crafty Weka Bar make deliciously epic food, as a company they go above and beyond in supporting their customers; The Crafty Weka crew really cares. Thank you!

Nat Gallant

Fuel the body. Go the distance.

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