The Story So far

Our Crafty Weka Bars are natural bars made with a few simple ingredients. We developed our bars in this way because we believe in keeping things uncomplicated. Some might say that’s a little old fashioned, but we like to think of our bars as handcrafted. That’s why we make them in small batches to ensure your Crafty Weka Bar is of the highest quality, time and time again.
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Crafty, curious and cheeky by nature Weka’s are another of New Zealand’s unique, flightless, native birds. Weighing in at around 900g they can be found in a number of scenic locations around New Zealand.

Do Weka's think our bars are tasty?

LEAVING Footprints not rubbish

Because our Crafty Weka Bars have become so popular we’ve packaged them in compostable packaging.

This makes our bars not only easy to carry but easy on the planet!

Check out this video about the process

Biodegration of Nature Flex by Futamura Cellulose.

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‘Kiaora Cobba’. We are proud to be Kiwi and to offer you a premium New Zealand made product. From ingredients; like our NZ Honey Rolled Oats, to the design and packaging of our Crafty Weka Bars, even this website is built right here in New Zealand.