Leading the way in real food snacks.

Leading the
way in real
food snacks.

Leading the way in real food snacks.

Leading the
way in real
food snacks.

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Once Upon a Time

Dive into magical worlds of imagination!

Some awesome students from Ranzau school in Hope, Nelson, put their creative hats on to come up with some amazing stories featuring our Weka. Are you a budding storyteller too? Send your story to enquiries@craftyweka.com for a chance to get featured on this page!

In the town there was a new factory that made crunchy, delicious, healthy bars. The company was created by David and Clare. Everything was great, well nearly everything. The one problem was that no one knew of a good catchy name to give the bars, so David and Clare left the factory in search of a name. They packed a bag full of their delicious and nutritious bars. They ventured into the forest in search of the perfect name for the nutritious bars.

First they came across Kaka. “Hey Kaka!” called David.

“What is it?” answered Kaka in his screechy, parrot voice.

“We were just coming to the forest in search of inspiring catchy names to call these exceptionally healthy bars.”

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“Oh, David, please ask me. I have lots of cool names!” said Kaka.
“Okay,” said David as he snatched up his  notebook from the depths of his old, musty, maroon backpack. “Ok, I’m ready!”

“Great,” said Kaka. “My best idea is to call them Cool Kaka Bars, because I am sooooo cool.”

“Thank you!” called David over his shoulder. Then David and Clare disappeared into the dense bush, David slinging his backpack over his shoulder as he did so. Next he came across Kiwi.

“Hi Kiwi!” called Clare.

“Hey mate!” called Kiwi. “What’s up?”

Clare explained the situation.  “So, any ideas?” she asked hopefully.

“Of course,” exclaimed Kiwi excitedly. “You could name them Clever Kiwi Bars!”

“Great idea!” replied Clare, as she penciled it down in her notebook. Then she said, “Bye, Kiwi.” And trampled off into the undergrowth with David. Next they spotted Weka eating huge purple bunches of grapes and digging holes to plant flowers. “Hi Weka,” they called.

“Hi Clare and David,” said Weka.

“Hey weka?” asked David.

“What is it?” asked Weka.

“Well, our company is making very yummy healthy bars for both kids and adults, but we need a very good eye catching name for them so people will be attracted to them.”

“Hmmmmm. Let’s see…” murmured Weka, pondering slowly. “Oh, I know!” cried Weka, happily. “You could call them Crafty Weka Bars”.

“Perfect!” said Clare and David, with a smile.

“That is a great idea, Weka. What a fabulous name!” So David and Clare tramped back, deep into the forest and back to the factory. “Hey guys,” called Clare.

“What?” called all the workers excitedly.

“We have decided to call our bars… Crafty Weka Bars”!!!!

“WOOOOHOOO!” All the workers cried happily. So they got the printing machine working and printed up the perfect name onto all the packets of the lovely healthy bars. Later they threw a huge party for David to celebrate him finding the forever name of the bars. And that is the story of how Crafty Weka bars were named. The end.

By Dakota Yeoman
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One day in a beautiful quiet forest there was a sporty bird called Crafty Weka. He was training for a big race and running everywhere. He was running to the gym  and met David.
“Hey David, would you like to come to the gym and train for the big bike race with me?” Crafty Weka asked David.David thought for a minute then said,  “Yes please, that would make training for the race much more fun.” They were huffing and puffing when they got to the gym. They ran for the entrance and when they got there the receptionist said, “That will be $2, thank you.”  Crafty Weka reached into his pocket for the money. It was not there.  “It’s ok,” David said. We can go back and get the money.

“We won’t have time, the gym closes in an hour,” said Crafty
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weka. “Wait, I have an idea.” Crafty Weka reached in his pocket for his yummy, crunchy Crafty Weka Bar. “Here,” Crafty Weka said.
“What’s this?” said the receptionist.“It’s a Crafty Weka Bar,” said Crafty Weka.“Looks delish, in you go,” said the receptionist. David and Crafty Weka strutted into the gym. The smell of sweat was everywhere. “Time to work out,” said Crafty Weka. David and Crafty Weka did laps around the gym. They did push ups and squats. They did the monkey bars and the rings. They worked out until they were ready for a nap. David and Crafty Weka left the gym and went home.They opened their Crafty Weka bar storehouse but there weren’t any Crafty Weka bars. Crafty Weka opened his mouth in horror. Someone had stolen them .They needed them for the race tomorrow! They asked everyone they knew, but no one knew where they were. They needed them for the race tomorrow.

It was the day of the big mountain bike race. David and Crafty Weka were still missing their Crafty Weka bars. They ran to the race track, “3,2,1 go!!!” said the race starter. Everyone hopped on their bikes and rode off, except for one bird, his backpack was full of Crafty Weka bars. He tried to peddle but the Crafty Weka bars were too heavy(he had accidently left the zip on his backpack open ) and they all fell out and covered the race track. Everyone skidded on the Crafty Weka bars, woosh, thump! Luckily, Crafty Weka and David managed to swerve away and avoid crashing. The spectators all rushed onto the track to grab the delicious Crafty Weka bars and to help the fallen competitors, of course.

David and Crafty Weka raced towards the finish line. They were neck and neck and crossed the line together. It was a photo finish. The race official checked the photos and declared a tie!  Both David and Crafty Weka had won the race. To celebrate they  had Crafty Weka bars and hot tea by the fire. If you’re wondering, they got their Crafty Weka bars back, but that’s a story for another day.

By Naomi Fryer
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